Who is the Most Famous Rapper from Philly? A Look at the City's Hip-Hop Scene

Philadelphia has been a major player in the rap game for decades, producing some of the most influential and talented rappers of all time. But who is the most famous rapper from Philly? The answer is Lil Uzi Vert (real name Symere Bysil Woods). Not only is he the best rapper on the list, but he's also the youngest. He has become one of the founding fathers of the now omnipresent emo-trap genre and a pioneer of the SoundCloud rap movement. But Lil Uzi Vert isn't the only famous rapper from Philly.

The city has produced no shortage of incredible rappers, including Schoolly D, Cassidy, Freeway, and Meek Mill. Schoolly D emerged at a time when New York City was the center of the hip-hop universe and Cassidy has reigned as one of the best freestylers on the rap scene for nearly twenty years. Freeway teamed up with fellow Philadelphia rapper Beanie Sigel while rapping on stage at a nightclub, and from there a fortuitous friendship developed. Meek Mill began his musical career as a battle rapper and even formed a group called The Bloodhoundz. Philadelphia also has a strong track record in the underground rap scene.

It has produced some truly amazing artists who have made a name for themselves in the rap industry, such as Naseem Rafeeq Young (2Rare) and Ivy Sole. Philadelphia has offered a lot to the hip-hop industry, with Jazzy Jeff, Freeway, The Fresh Prince and more being some of its most notable rappers. It's responsible for various hip-hop milestones that have shaped rap culture today, such as Schoolly D inadvertently initiating the gangsta rap movement with his 1985 street anthem “P, S, K” or DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince winning the first rap Grammy. Everyone should expect to see more talented rappers from Philadelphia in the near future, as this city never runs out of talented artists. Music has always played an important role in defining Philadelphia and it will continue to do so for many years to come.

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