Collaborations between Hip-Hop Artists and Photographers from Philadelphia

The Made In America Festival is renowned for its diverse lineup of artists, featuring a mix of established and emerging musicians and artists from various genres, such as hip hop, R&B, EDM, pop, Latin and rock. This year, the festival had a particularly strong Latino influence due to the growing popularity of Latin music in the Western world. It was a unique opportunity to witness some of the best Latin artists and the king of Africa all in one place. I had the pleasure of photographing him in a corridor in Miami and was amazed by his calm demeanor compared to his stage presence. As an expert photographer, I am always looking for new opportunities to collaborate with talented artists.

I am eager to get more involved with the local community and meet many of the artists who live and create in Philadelphia. Reggaeton, also known as cachenge in South America, is a form of Latin rap music characterized by rhythm and bass that originated in Puerto Rico more than ten years ago with rappers such as Daddy Yankee. It has since become mainstream with artists like Rosalía and Bad Bunny. I believe that collaborations between hip-hop artists and photographers from Philadelphia can be incredibly beneficial for both parties. Photographers can gain valuable experience working with talented musicians while hip-hop artists can benefit from having professional photographs taken for promotional purposes.

Additionally, these collaborations can help to promote the local music scene and bring attention to the city's vibrant culture. I am excited to explore this opportunity further and look forward to connecting with local hip-hop artists and photographers. I am confident that together we can create something truly special that will help to promote Philadelphia's music scene and bring attention to its vibrant culture.

Letícia Huyler
Letícia Huyler

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